Media Services

Photo prints, negatives & slides to digital

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to e-mail a relative or a friend of a picture taken long ago? Or to preserve your slides, negatives and prints from damage or loss? We can help you with that, with very competitive and reasonable prices we can convert your old slides, negatives and prints into digital photos and place them on CD, DVD or a hard drive for you. In some cases some photos can be fixed removing red eye, brightening or darkening at an additional cost.

Cassette and Vinyl records to CD

Cassette tapes and Vinyl records can be converted to digital files and placed on CD. The quality will be no better than the source the digital files came from; however, this conversion will allow you to continue accessing your lectures or presentations that were put onto cassettes for continued use in the future.

DVD audio extraction

Got a presentation given to you on DVD but don't have time to sit and watch it? No problem! We can extract the audio from the DVD presentation and put it into CD format that is compatible with stand-alone players and automobile CD players or as an MP3 for digital players like iPods and other portable players. Now you can remain informed while you are driving, doing yard work or exercising, without being tied to the TV.

PDF and Digital Document Creation

Do you need to access paper documents online or on your computer? We can digitize the documents and secure them from others making changes to them or leave them open to be freely changed. This is great for putting job applications or other official documents on a website. Newsletters can also be digitized and optimized for usage on a website.

YouTube and Website Video

Need a video for YouTube? Or have a promotional video or Public Service Announcement for your website? We can take your video and put it into the proper file format to be uploaded to YouTube or to your website. For website video we generally use Flash which provides a modern professional look making you look good!

Photo from Video

We can extract a photo from a video, this is handy for surveillance videos where a photo is needed to assist in identification of individuals or to help in legal cases to illustrate the environment in which an incident occurred. Whatever your need is we can extract photos from most video formats.

PowerPoint Creation and Editing

We can create a PowerPoint presentation from your material or edit an existing presentation to update the material. Presentations can be placed on a variety of media, CD, DVD and Flash Drive.

PowerPoint to Video

You have worked hard on that PowerPoint presentation and now the company wants to distribute it but that means expensive nights in hotels, airfare and the hassle of being away from home. We can help your company save money and time, let us take your PowerPoint and make it a video. Now instead of sending a representative you can send a DVD, saving hundreds even thousands of dollars.